3 Jul 2015


FOLLOWING a year of trips to the humid, seismic, mountainous island of Taiwan, where the team suffered their food hell of ‘plane food’ too often for comfort, Bao ‘mark two’ follows the Xiaochi, or ‘small eats’ snackerias in Erchen’s hometown, Taipei. ‘Better for your metabolism to snack throughout the day rather than eat three big meals,’ appraises Wai Ting while Erchen monitor a steamer. ‘We went to a remote, barely signed Baozi outside Taipei where, out of nowhere, we saw thirty people in a queue. Curious, we joined it. Inside, ten men and women worked in front of us, making the best, really fluffy buns. Sadly, you could only get five to take away: the softest, lightest things…’ 
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