1 Oct 2013

COMPETITION: Utter Gastronomy

BEYOND bored of food and drink writing competitions where winners seem chosen for political motive rather than ability to perform on the page, I am launching my own. Via the inaugural 'Utter Gastronomy', I am seeking recognition for genuine, engaging talent. 

First prize: £100 and a magnum of boutique Prosecco; £50 to two runner-ups. Awarded over dinner at my home, rinsed with cool flutes from the Nino Franco range.

Funding by Dr. C.J. Luo, and wine-sponsorship by Nino Franco (Rustico Prosecco) are gratefully acknowledged.

To enter, please craft a piece, from 450 to 1,450 words on why food, drink, or food and drink matters beyond satisfying hunger, and send it here. Winning entries published on this site.

Deadline: 1st December 2013.