30 Jul 2013


CHEF Sunil Kumar Sinha is keen to dispel “the myth” that Indian food is automatically fattening. “The truth is, real Indian food is incredibly wholesome,” he says firmly. “Many spices have health benefits that stimulate the body’s metabolism and promote weight loss.” Sunil blames “traditional” high street curry houses for Anglicising dishes on which diners “gorge” themselves. “Ordering deep-fried papadums, sweet chutneys, a starter, several main course curries, with rich, oil-laden sauces, pilau and copious amounts of booze means it’s not uncommon for a diner to consume 5,000 calories in a sitting,” he cautions. “We don’t go mad with ghee, cream nor oil.” On ordering too many carbohydrates, Sunil give frank context: “different regions of Indian eat rice or bread, not both...” 
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