8 Apr 2013

Design: Filamental

Glamour, not glare, care of Russell Norman (for Civilian Global)

“THE music should be slightly too loud and the lighting slightly too low,” says Russell Norman, revealing the “USP” of his restaurants. He removes his much-loved, much-repaired Crombie – revealing electric crimson lining – and orders an Americano. It arrives, black and shiny, in a Duralex tumbler. Meanwhile, I sip a steaming, whisky-spiked hot toddy through a straw. We meet in the semi-private booth at the back of E. Mishkin, Norman’s “kind-of Jewish deli with cocktails”. Its’ wooden doors, which open onto a chequered floor, once fronted a BBC radio booth. They show age’s patina. A dimmed fluorescent tube, evocative of those illuminating the classic Formica cafes which became popular in the London of the 1950s, but less glaring here, grips relocated floorboards tacked to the wall. “It’s an architectural tube which might normally be used behind a bathroom mirror,” says Norman.
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