6 Apr 2012

Vertu Select

I’M nearly unbearably aware that a great many of my commissions don’t appear on this blog. I’ve been busy excitedly penning a broad spectrum of articles for the lustrous Vertu, whose Select magazine is available in English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Italian, German, French and Japanese, exclusively to owners of these British-finished, top end mobiles. 
Thus far, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing, frankly, dozens of truly remarkable chef talents around the globe, a leading restaurant designer, tour operator of five decades experience, renowned bartender, intrepid distillers and winemakers, leading concierge, food spectacle firm, and even a jet broker. 
Sadly my clockwork BlackBerry’s never going to receive my published work, but if any of my normal readers (whoever you are) buy one of these watch-like, bespoke technology pieces, or encounter them in a showroom, do look out for my byline...