6 Feb 2012

The Cocoon of Camélia

MY companion no longer hears my prattle. All her force of focus is on the warm whip just departed from her teaspoon. Her large eyes have pursed to mascara line. She softly emits a low, rhythmic resonance, akin to purring. She is with a more expert seducer now. He is Thierry Marx, executive chef who devised this leavened truffled custard ‘cappuccino’. It is enduring and depthful and compelling, of the earth, ugly-beautiful in an almost pheromone-steeped sense, and very nearly overwhelming. Not so much just another dish on the Michelin-wound, fine dining conveyer belt, but an unexpected inter-course inferring intimacy, intensely savoured on Chinese New Year. The day also coincides with my birthday, and to behold such pleasure on one’s guest’s face makes a memorable gift.
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