17 Sept 2010

Insalata di Mare - Carluccio's

Dear Douglas
I saw your tweet about mussels at Carluccio's Putney and I wanted to send an apology.
It is beyond unacceptable to serve a product in the condition you describe and I have already discussed it with our manager who assures me the terrible mussels have been thrown away.
I would of course understand if you never set foot in Carluccio's again but nonetheless I would like the opportunity to demonstrate we can better.
So if you do wish to give us another chance drop me a line and I will book you in personally.
In the meantime I hope you will accept our apologies.
Simon Kossoff
Managing Director

Dear Mr. Kossoff,
I do not understand how it could have been possible for me to receive such foul tasting shellfish.
Considering at least three chances for inspection should have been taken up, from receiving and unpacking the delivery, cooking, then serving the items, I find it startling that your staff at Putney did not at any stage realise how inedible and indeed potentially dangerous the food could be to a customer/customers.
I have very little desire to return to this, or indeed another branch of Carluccio's.
Yours sincerely,
Douglas Blyde.