29 Sept 2009

Mankind's Survival is at 'Steak'

DURING my documentary-making days, I developed one or two brave ideas with silver-topped, green-shoed, acutely political Executive Producer, Christopher Hird. Perhaps most notably, Hird worked on Rupert Murray’s ‘End of The Line’ film. His latest endeavour, ‘PLANEAT’ poses a provocative challenge to blind mastication. Representing the first feature-length documentary from two young directors, Shelley Lee-Davies and Or Shlomi, it follows a group of scientists, doctors and environmentalists with the aim of asking us to confront evidence that an animal-based diet could be bad for our health and the environment.

Whilst such sentiments may seem worthy, I am told that its tone is refreshing because Davies and Shlomi seek to show the negative aspects of matters meaty as something we can still do something about - ‘without resorting to a diet of lentils and lettuce’. The premiere is at 16h45 this Thursday at London’s Appollo, Lower Regent St. (part of the Raindance Fesitval).

Tickets: (£12.60) http://www.raindance.co.uk/