20 Sept 2009

Blush Wine

IN today’s Observer, Master of Wine and co-founder of Wine Gang, Tim Atkin (pictured) generously recommended ‘Intoxicating Prose’ as one of seven favoured wine blogs. In addition to this site, he described wineanorak.com, simonwoods.com, spittoon.biz, wine-journal.com, rebeccagibb.com, and wineconversation.com as standing out from ‘dull’ blogs, which are:
‘...proliferating like randy rabbits ...[and]... "written" by people who don’t know much about wine...’
Whilst I endeavour to maintain as wide a gastronomical focus as possible (coming soon - a feature on a prison restaurant), wine was my first love. To that effect, I will be heading out to Tuscany next week to visit producers, Barone Ricasoli, Cecchi, Fonterutoli and Fattoria dei Barbi in the company of broadcaster, Olly Smith, Editor of Harpers magazine, Richard Siddle and Enotria’s Ben Smith.
-Brace yourself, Italia...