23 Aug 2009

Hash (Tags) and Alcohol

AS a ‘friend’ of the city’s most stylish Italian restaurant, ‘L’Anima’ (I interviewed chef Francesco Mazzei for The Guardian) I have agreed to take part in an interactive wine tasting tomorrow afternoon. The premise of sommelier, Gal Zohar: to democratise part of his selection process using a bit of theatre from ‘experts’ who taste and talk through decadent bottles, followed by a public vote.
Zohar explains: ‘There are hundreds of wines that could justify their place on our list, but only so many we can put on at once. It seemed appropriate, therefore, to allow those of you who are interested in these great wines to help me select those that should be given a chance. Through the power of social media - blogging, Twitter, Facebook and beyond, we want to ask you to help us choose three of the wines that deserve a place...’
As some of you may be aware, I have had my share of ups and downs with Twitter. In contrast to his pal, Stephen Fry, I often crave what Hugh Laurie terms more of a ‘hush existence’ over the need to blather on via this medium. Regardless, even if only for me, tomorrow’s event looks fun and despite criticisms of it being ‘nonsense’ and ‘a PR guff’, quite innocently (and intelligently) devised.

So, if you can be motivated, follow the port-nosed, gout-edged, tannin lipped panel on Twitter from 3pm tomorrow - Gal Zohar (@zoharwine), Dan Coward (@bibendumwine), Jamie Goode (@jamiegoode), Anthony Rose (@antrose33), Denise Medrano (@thewinesleuth) and of course me (@douglas_blyde). And the umbrella 'hash' tag, which can never be as exciting as the term sounds, is: #lanima.
For more information including the liquid line-up: L’Anima’s blog.

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