10 Apr 2009

Opium of The People

A.K.A. the hangover diet, the advertised bacon butty toughly failed to live-up to its 'best' description. Besides moderation the night before or hair of the dog that bit you, the morning after, Prêt a Manger’s ‘Yoga Bunny Detox’ offers a crisper solution. For 97p, their sparkling hemp, ginseng, grape must and Echinacea tonic is an effective staple, fondly thought of amongst the wine trade.
At last month’s International Food and Drink Event, which flowed into both halves of ExCeL in the badlands of the Docklands, I discovered a product claiming to be the first commercially available ‘pretox’ drink. A blend of milk thistle, ginkgo, artichoke and a gamut of vitamins, ‘Alibi’ gets flavour from Afghani pomegranates planted in fields once sewn for bad poppies - the country produces 93p/c of all heroine. Waitrose stocks this smartly packaged, preventative measure as well as the original citrus version...
‘Bacchus has drowned more men than Neptune.’
[Giuseppe Garibaldi]