23 Apr 2009

Italy's Flag, London's Mayor

MAYOR OF London, Boris Johnson celebrated St. George’s Day and Shakespeare’s 445th birthday by praising the loquaciousness of the English language. “We have approximately 500,000 words compared to France’s 100,000” he told city workers, shopkeepers and stallholders.
Along with British food orientated celebrity chef, Gary Rhodes of nearby Rhodes 24 at Tower 42, he arrived at Leadenhall Market, which has fourteenth century origins, in a double-decker Routemaster bus.
He raised a toast of English sparkling wine from Carr Taylor, Hastings, watched zealous Morris Dancers and shook hands with well-wishers. Perhaps inevitably he also used the podium to outpour derision on yesterday’s tax sodden budget, delivered by Chancellor Alasdair Darling.

Incidentally, the St. George’s Cross remains Genoa’s emblem primarily, adopted by England and the City of London at the end of the twelfth century to benefit British ships the protection of the mighty Genoese fleet...

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