8 Feb 2009

On Speed: Photo Story

WHILST MOST items on my ‘to do’ list concern comestibles, an exhilarating speedboat trip to the Thames barrier this morning did not require cutlery...

I learnt that, as a clockface, the o2 has twelve pillars. Appropriate for G.M.T.Greenwich naval college is actually unfinished. Only one of four pediments is classically carved.

Sweet ambitions: Tate & Lyle at Silvertown produces 1.1 million tonnes of white sugar each year.Opened in ‘84, our skipper said that with rising waters (an inch/year) the barrier will be woefully inadequate in just 25 years... In the wake of our boat's wake, I remembered Louis Stanley. I had the pleasure of interviewing ‘Big Lou’ of British Racing Motors when I edited my college magazine. He helped design ‘Bluebird’, the all-metal, jet-propelled hydroplane used by Donald Campbell to set seven world water speed records. Turning from water to wine, Andrew, the author of Spittoon, and I recently enjoyed a lazy lunch as interval to a busy wine tasting. Our venue - ‘Bluebird’ off the Kings Road, Chelsea, the former garage to Campbell's car.Rumour has it that owners D&D recently shed 25p/c of their managers across twenty sites.

Following an unstoppably sippable ‘Chelsea Flower’ gin cocktail, we chose from the £18.50 ‘wellbeing’ menu. Pristine Severn and Wye smoked salmon with molten egg, capers and home-baked rye bread, then grilled Cornish mackerel with king cabbage and a crisp herb and horseradish crust.

The space is open, bright and filled with so much bespoke modern furniture tha it feels like a showroom.Fortunately service was leisurely rather than pace setting. Management streamlining did not affect our afternoon.

Read Andrew’s review HERE.

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