24 Nov 2008

Do Play With Your Food

ALONG WITH approximately 900 others, I spent the evening with ‘ElBulli’s Ferran Adrià at the South Bank. He was in London to launch 'A Day at ElBulli' (and to try authentic pie & mash in Bethnal Green). You can read the fruits of a ‘live blog’ experiment by Anthony Silverbrow HERE.
But what did I think of the world’s most famous chef? Personally, he was a witty, warm commentator. And professionally, apart from crafting trail-blazing, highly evolved and playful food (e.g. coconut milk balloons) he was very generous in revealing the curious, controlled craft behind the magic.
His dishes - one of which was compared visually to the surface of the moon - looked deeply touching.
It is probably a good thing therefore that my reservation request for the restaurant’s next season was declined last month. Compared to Adrià’s redefined gastronomic alphabet, most other mere morsels might taste monochrome...