9 Oct 2008

The Last Claw

'Shellfish are the prime cause of the decline of morals and the adaptation of an extravagant lifestyle. Indeed of the whole realm of Nature the sea is in many ways the most harmful to the stomach, with its great variety of dishes and tasty fish...'
[Pliny the Elder]
ANOTHER DAY, another D&D... Appetite whet by the exemplary Bentley's, a lavish platter of fruits de mer followed by greasy, grazing grouse (legs crossed) at 'Butler's Wharf'.

This is a versatile bar/bistro/restaurant which strives to celebrate the best of British. How ironic, then, that the majority of customers are tourists (as it seems are the staff).

Years ago, my French teacher explained the provocation for her devout vegetarianism. The final straw: the pinultimate claw cracked from a voluminous shellfish plate in Brittany. Finding herself surrounded by a charnel house of spent tails, empty shells and whisker like antennae, she began to cry...
'Butler's Wharf Chop House' - 36E Shad Thames, London. SE1 2YE. T. 020 7403 3403
Nearest Tube: Tower Hill