20 Sept 2008

Intestinal Intent

Pictured: a vertiginous looking quilt of vineyards, Savoie, sewn with Roussette. These produce gingerbread and 'nougat' scented, easy drinking wines like 'Frangy'.
What we intended as a quick lunch in fact took a couple of hours. The venue, 'Auberge le Bayard'. a simple family run joint feigning antiquity in a low line of modern shops, including an abandoned Société Générale office. Preferable to motorway services.
A peach risotto surprised and delighted, as did globes of honeydew melon ice cream.
This was the setting for my first attempt at Andouillette, which was 'hard to describe' according to our waitress. What landed was a much coveted pungent sausage; it even has its very own fan club ('Association Amicale des Amateurs d'Andouillette Authentiques'). On breaking in, however, I discovered that the bulging tube was chock full of rough intestines. Sorry for the pun, but it was absolutely offal. No amount of slightly fatty Roussette would cleanse the gustatory apparition. Whilst I can accept whatever St. John throws at me, this queasy monster took the mickey (and was too ugly to commit to camera)...

Auberge le Bayard - 17 Rue du Pontet, 38550 Pontcharra, France. T. 0033 (0)4 76 97 35 38

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