31 Jul 2008

Rhyme and Riesling

Pictured: vintage graffiti at the Orangery, Kensington Palace.
I discovered a particularly beautiful wine whilst working within this arcade, which evokes a set from La Dolce Vita. Egon Müller's Scharzhofberger Kabinett Riesling '02 was audibly, quite a tongue-twister but palatably, effortlessly drinkable and deliciously rewarding.
As far as the wine trade is concerned, if you like Riesling, you pass the litmus test to become a true connoisseur. I used to get very frustrated when clients refused to grant the grape a go. Now I selfishly delight in the low prices their shunning leaves...
With a light green shimmer, this curiously unloved grape delivered a nervy, complex, currant-concentrated expression. A hint of sweetness balanced the pure, tangible minerality. All at just 9.5p/c ABV.