16 Jul 2008

My Oyster Card

Recently discovered, a stunningly successful wine and food pairing: fractured coconut shards with a copita of cream sherry. Delgado Zuleta’s sumptuous figgy qualities softly wrapped the slightly tart, refreshing segements seamlessly.
What would be my dessert island food? –Conveniently, oysters. Rarely do I end a week without at least half a dozen on the half shell. I generally oscillate between the various stalls at Borough Market: Wright Brothers, Richard Haward and Shellseekers. The latter I found a few days ago. The quality of aqua-life on display, much of it dived by owner, Darren, is invigoratingly fresh. He also shoots venison (I would like to recreate Marco Pierre White’s wild venison tartare).
Incidentally, oysters are quite milky at this time of year. The reason? -These strange beings, which change gender one season to the next, are storing fat, ready to copulate. How charming.
FURTHER LINK: The Taste of An Oyster