11 Jul 2008

Mirroring Minerals

Pictured: an audacious, amusing marketing ploy by Australian producer, McGuigan, the 'City Vineyard' just behind Liverpool Street station. Overlooking 50+ year-old vines, visitors can sample Australian liquid sunshine under the torrential British version...
Another Australian: Grosset Clare Valley Watervale Riesling. A vivid, screwcapped '01, green-tinged, with kerosene, key lime and melted wax aromas. On the palate, juicy, satisfying, with a light lick of butter. Fattening out in fact (in all the right places). Lucid, nervy, wry with an ultimately spine-tingling, laser like acidity. It somehow smoulders. A wonderful interpretation of the gourmand's grape transmitting nuances of 800 million year-old Australian slate soil. Winemaker Jeff Grosset - recently likened to Heston Blumenthal in appearance - is also known as the screwcap pioneer down under. I presented it at a private party with the stellar Cellar Society.
I discovered a clip of a calm dinner party which took place on the tube, presumably before the alcohol ban. See it HERE.