1 Apr 2008

Dear Giles Coren,

I AUTHOR a web-log, www.thedailywine.co.uk, in which I attempt to take a non-'cholestosauri' approach to wine and food.
Enjoying your reviews in The Times, I wondered if you would care to take part in a little Q&A session, which I would then publish within it.
This would sadly be not-for-profit (for both parties).
Here are my questions. If you choose to respond, I very much hope they provide pleasurable provocation:
  • Have you swum on a full stomach?
  • Should a critic be seen to enjoy?
  • Is it ever justifiable to clap after a meal?
  • Does your mood influence the review?
  • Have you lied about minibar useage?
  • Have you stolen cutlery?
  • Has a dining companion put you off your food?
  • Have you been sick at table?
  • Is food better than sex, or can they be elegantly combined?
  • What is the most stylish gesture you have witnessed in a restaurant?
  • Why do you think most reviewers ignore the wine list in their reviews?
  • When did you last personally pay for a meal and was it worth it?

Warmest regards,
Douglas Blyde.

P.S. In case my name is familiar, I wrote to you beginning of last month suggesting a review of the Dorchester Grill, featuring 'Rising' star, Aiden Byrne, 34 (formerly of Tom Aikens) whose ascent to helm was eclipsed when Ducasse landed nextdoor.