19 Feb 2008

From the Edge of Romney Marsh...

THIS CURVACIOUS Super Tuscan (Sangiovese/Cabernet Sauvignon, in equal parts) provides uncontestably indulgent drinking. With a wonderful, powerful aroma which fuses black treacle cured smoked bacon, ripe butternut, bulging blackberries and wild cherries, the enduring, positive riches of I Balzini's '99 White Label continue onto the palate. Arabica espresso and sun beaten cedar sawdust elegantly, classically, rust together. From rural Tuscany, between Florence and Sienna, this small estate was founded the same year as me (1980) by an unusual entity - a 'sommelier/accountant'. I suppose this brings the vision financial stability.
A bracing seaside walk at Hythe, Kent, resulted in half a pint of ovulating prawns, damp, drab cod and tedious chips on par with aged cardboard. My first choices of Grilled Sardines and pan-fried Halibut had wisely already fled. Never mind, my sorrows were drowned by a 'bucket' like glass of effortlessly drinkable Super Dry Japanese Asahi ('Rising Sun').
The venue: Hythe Bay Seafood Restaurant, alleged 29TH best seaside eatery in Britain. Here management consider it a smashing idea to clip hideous polyester bow ties around the necks of deeply bored adolescent staff. You can watch one of them take a tour of it through You Tube HERE.
The mise-en-scène: bulky, wooden-looking, wipe clean furniture on an airport lounge carpet in the gaze of a ropy reconstruction of the Birth of Venus.
Hythe Bay Seafood Restaurant, Marine Parade, Hythe, Kent. CT21 6AW
T. 01303 233844
Miso soup is so rich in anti-oxidants that it makes an effective, tasty hangover cure. I particularly like Itsu's 'Forever Young' version; their 'Dynamite', with ginger and cocounut is more engaging, but looks like machine dispensed tea.