27 Feb 2008

The Drumming Dog

'If you think of the vineyard as a body, then the cellar is its heart – and the Simcic cellar an especially welcoming one...'
IMPORTED BY self-appointed 'Crusaders' of Slovenian wine, Astrum Cellars: Simčič's '04 Rebula, tasted at the Specialist Importers Tasting, Vinopolis. Rather strange to be back at my former employer. Rebula apparently means 'reboil', a reference to the often oxidised, refermenting styles garnered from this variety. In the careful hands of the beautiful people at Simčič, this version verges towards the modern. What emerges is a stylish, distinctive, French barrel fermented white not dissimilar to Rhône Roussanne.
Shiny, sunflower seeds in colour, with a powerful, savoury nose evocative of more things nutty (sesame), the elegantly gliding palate reveals a feint minerality and a tannic echo. I think time will give rise to bolder notes, like shrivelled, drying passion fruit, which is just about tangible now. The individuality of the wine is reflected on the label, which features a drumming dog. Does anyone know why?
FURTHER LINK: Wines of Slovena - Rebula