22 Jan 2008

Odours Mixed Iridescently

'...why should the word smoke posess only the name 'smoke', when from minute to minute, second to second, the amalgam of hundreds of odours mixed iridescently into ever new and changing unities as the smoke rose from the fire...'
[Patrick Süskind, 'Das Parfum' / 'Perfume']
I AM enveloped within the sometimes disturbingly, richly tangible world of Perfume, indulgent prose for those who smell for money...
The picture shows part of a much larger collage of hanging objects at an Islington pub where I was recently taken to see friend, Dana sing soul. My colleague, Anna, who works at The Wine Adventure, was insistent I record the spread-eagled mannequin within this blog. We drank Jean-Paul De Ville NV Carte Noir Champagne. Affordable, though a little flimsy, the colour of air-tarnishing apples, cider like palate with lethargic, soluble aspirin bubbles.