29 Jan 2008

For Blog's Sake

YO! SUSHI!, Soho branch: "this isn't a restaurant, it's a concept..." dismissed my friend. And after a meal of relatively bland domed dishes from the squeaking, baggage style reclaim, I felt giddy. The belt belts it! It also reminds me of the carousel of prizes offered at the end of the Generation Game. Anyway, the colourful parade was so extensive, it took 4minutes and 41 seconds for our strategically placed cress tip to complete a full procession, blurred by an intake of warm sake.
Proof that trying to spice-up a blog can exacerbate an interest in the unusual: Mezcal with larvae (although scorpions are popular too), made from double distilled mash of the noble agave. The worm, or 'gusano' apparently feeds off the agave plant which is closely related to the lily family. It added an eerily earthy flavour, and rattled when poured...