18 Dec 2007

I Am So Tired

'He thought he was a wit, and he was half right...'
[Joseph Addison, Essayist, Poet, Dramatist and Statesman]
Pictured: Burgundy glass 1/3 filled with bravely, colourfully packaged Yazoo NV UHT Chocolate Flavoured Milk, liberated in four bottle case form from the 'chiller cabinet' of a well-known multipe this afternoon.
Dense, twilight, muddled dark sepia in appearance with bubbles evocative of petrified geothermal spring. A bracing swirl led to a silty swipe - a long lasting Montezuma 'monotear'. Althouh I did not have time to decant, the suprisingly intense nose immediately yielded a cosy, confected, malty wholemilk coalescing with powdered milk flavour tally ultimately bevelled with vanilla (although not from oak maturation - stainless steel was used throughout its crafting). Quite weighty.
After an unctuous slurp this gutsy, coating being delivered a layered texture with an egg white edge - perhaps even a nod to the classic winter Egg Nog? The fast dissipating aftertaste revealed split, beach dried, roasted cocoa bean and sun-fondled wheat. Indeed a perfect food match would be buttered Belgian buckwheat waffle. (89.6/100; drink now; WAI, SAIN, TSC)

FURTHER LINK: Yazoo Appreciation Society