12 Nov 2007

Piwo - Only For Eagles

SOMETIMES BEER is the most revitalising antidote to a prolonged stint wine-tasting. Here stand six almost confrontationally packaged Polish beers from my local independent off-licence.
Tyskie was richest in colour (beeswax) with a slightly sweet citrus nose, a light, chewy foam and a polenta-esque palate. Warka was sunnier. Harnaś, which features the illustration of a 17/18TH century Highland Robber, was the most oily, with a sheath of barley and freshly cracked nuts. Żubr had the best foaming head, with a dusty palate, but a very commercial-tasting composition. Okocim had densely packed flavours, with a distinguishable resemblance to beef stock. Tatra was the most basic with discernibly intrusive ABV.
Despite the brave packaging and slogans such as: 'Only For Eagles', these light hued lagers are facile, one-dimensional spring sippers rather than macho and punchy.
I came accross an interview with last year's Young Wine Writer of The Year, Rebecca Gibb (watch it HERE). An engaging, down-to-earth presentation. At the end Rebecca discusses a patch that heavy drinkers can wear to draw-out alcohol toxins. What do readers think?
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