2 Oct 2007

Remittance Advice

GROWN IN the vicinitiy of Geelong, Victoria, Sutherland's inaugural Gamay '05. Just two loamy-limestone acres yield enough bunches to fill a carbonically macerating vat. The result, after a year and a half in barrel: plausible. The nose is generous, being driven forward by morello cherries, with low tannins and an engaging, crunchy watermelon aftertaste.
A predominantly Provençal olive oil merchant recommended I visit Uncorked, Exchange Street, Broadgate. This independent '...small, full-service wine merchant' spends '...a lot of time saying no to hopeful suppliers whose wine just doesn't make it in the quality stakes.' Apart from appeallations whose importance is obvious to the main city-trading clientele, this bright, slightly library-quiet shop has a likeable leaning towards USA labels. Amazingly, during my time in the shop, it was revealed that the owner was in the process of sending out £200K of remittance advice.
My latest collage of words for the Southwark News may be found HERE.