25 Oct 2007

Elk in My Passage

BEFORE WORKING day one of the Wine Show, Islington, I found myself gazing at a deer, reflected in many different mirrors, at The Elk In The Woods, off the cobbled Camden Passage.
Accessed through a dauntingly domestic looking front door, the eclecticism of the interior becomes immediately apparent. The deer's head, mounted on a warm wood wall panel, reflects the fact deer, pork and other flying fare (the latter sometimes shot by the manager - that's service!) are sourced from Suffolk's fine living larder, Denham Estate. Pretty, cottage style wallpaper and jauntily-ornate cast iron fire, Victorian tiles and bare bricks contribute to this supringly successful collage.
I only had time for a sandwich and a glass of wine. However, my choice of rare breed pork with really good crackling proved judicious. It was so substantial that it overlapped the very fresh bread, served on a cheerful wooden board with various jellies. Sherwood Estate New Zealand Pinot Noir, described accurately as having a 'lovely aroma of cherries and plums, finished with subtle oak' accompanied. I could gild the lily, although most of my adjectives were wheeled out at the show.
Two old gents adjacent, eating glossy stew from old fashioned, artistically chipped white/blue plates, proclaimed non-alcoholic cocktails (offered) "disgusting!"
Incidentally, the restaurant is open from breakfast, for those wanting 'Chocolate, Banana and Marshmallow Toasted Brioche'...

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