29 Sept 2007

Puerile Day-Glow

I VAGUELY REMEMBER an author likening a hangover to having a balloon of mercury floating around one's skull...
Having enjoyed an evening of hospitality from one of the firms I work for, I woke-up with my first Sake hangover, induced at the OXO tower's Bincho Yakitori. This Japanese tapas corridor with open plan skewering kitchen and exceptionally clean, friendly staff is in actuality a really upmarket snack bar, the portions being genuinely bite-sized. Veal liver was predictably soft inside, crisp out; authentically overflowing glass and wood sake pods, which look like candle holders, took a little time to master.
To exacerbate feeling green, I was forced to wear a puerile day-glow lime t-shirt for Fetzer at a wine show. Eye-wateringly eye-catching.
Hangovers always make me talkative and silly, hence thoughts of installing enomatic wine-dispensing machines in churches to speed-up communion and olympic blind tasting with the goal of guessing gender of a winemaker were but two crazed ideas that flowed through the mercury...
FURTHER LINK: OXO tower history (note advertisment windows)
Bincho Yakitori on Urbanspoon