22 Sept 2007

Duchy Original

I ADMIRED all kinds of wildlife at the Duke of Northumberland's glass, gunmetal and bath stone Great Conservatory, Syon Park, helping at an event for luxury jeweler and hotelier, BVLGARI.
Featuring: opulent Antinori, Cervaro della Sala '05, an Italian with a Burgundian accent, delivered marked similarities to the '04 (a nose of toasted merringue, salted butter and petals in water; with a palate again of salted butter, a hint of oleander and straw). The aftertaste was however a little shy by comparison and the nose a touch cooler in flavour intensity.
Less posh, but still polite, an almost rosé Pinot Noir from the catch-all Moselle appellation in Luxembourg offered merry insight into a blushing, bucolic, spicily fragranced young ['06] beauty. Cool clime Dom. Mathis Bastian unloaded musky cherry scents, with a light spritz squall. Pleasantly deft, and definitely a Duchy Original...