7 Sept 2007

Cadence in Point

I LIKE lyrical wine lists which seek a pleasing reaction. Excerpts from my latest at Bedales:

'Deft wet joy with longed-for acidity, Cadbury-SchweppesTM ‘Bitter Lemon’ and fresh moss. Made by two handsome Greeks.'
(Biblia Chora: Sauvignon Blanc / Assyrtiko '06)

'Seductive, feminine, as graceful and fragile as a ballet dancer. But also rather cheeky. Precocious even. Filled with the promise of spring, but already thinking of Autumn.'
(Dom. Heresztyn: Pinot Noir '04)

'Affluent, posh, with toasted brioche, grilled pineapple and aged Parmiggiano Reggiano. Alacracious bubbles and no ordinary Brut.'
(Bonnaire Brut Grand Cru: Chardonnay NV)
An apparently innocent blog caught my eye. 'Women With Wine' presents 'Nothing but pictures of women enjoying wine.' Sadly, its author 'retired' in March, although the archives are still on-line.

Also within the 'Women With' canon, 'Babes With Books' and 'Tea Birds'...