27 Aug 2007

Merlot Friction

Pictured: A vine wants to climb - Romans once trained grapevines up trees leading up to a dangerous harvest.
'Vinotheraphy' has gained momentum in recent years. Of course it is nothing new to see grape extract used in a non-consumptive fashion. Caudalie (available through Space NK apothecary) is one of the 'good health through wine' power-houses controlling a series of spas and pumping out a smart range of products. These include 'Merlot Friction' and 'Crushed Cabernet' body 'scrubs'. I have been gifted a face wash made from grape pomace. Wined in, wined out, wine down... [CLICK then scroll for previous entry about Caudalie and Ch. Smith Haut Lafitte]
From the foothills of the Dolomites comes a classy '05 'Blauburguner' (AKA Pinot Nero or Pinot Noir) from Hofstatter: Meczan. With a relaxed nose and a mellow mouthfeel, this wine is far from sullen. A spreading, not unpleasantly difficult to define palate (meaning a conveyor of contemplative sips were applied in rapid succession) with food friendly, subtly penetrating acidity and a gentle, warming, almost caressing reach. It is a being which knows its genre. Relaxed in its own skin. Couthly packaged too. In my way this article beats other Alto Adige Pinot Producer, Franz Haas, by some way with its coherence and drinkability.