18 Aug 2007

Love in a Bottle

'Days of wine and roses laugh and run away, Like a child at play...'
[Johnny Mercer, Songwriter and Co-Founder, Capitol Records]
WINE MIRRORS relationships. We are drawn, moth to the candle, to beautiful, stylish, unusual packaging, over-eager to drink freely of that within. Rapidly-pressured by sometimes unreasonable expectation into ready intoxication. Serendipity-seekers. First comes intense pleasure (if we are lucky), then an elemental warmth. Something reassures within the trance of pitch-perfect interaction between people and plants (vines) and people and people. However, as the end is inevitably glimpsed: denial, concise, heightened appreciation, concern, apathy... Then, when insecurity or knowledge floats into the present, spoiling the joy of the moment, the soul fleets leaving a hollow vial; memories in place of meaning. With the most striking eye-catchers come the most costly hangovers...
And then another hand drifts upwards towards another bright burnished bottle, just as the esurient eye roves into the next person's biography.
'Love of' is abstract: easier to experience then to describe.
A bottle located towards the end of its life is the high quality-orientated Chateau Dalmeran. The '99 'Les Baux de Provence' was a gift from a chap whose brother brings all the elements together, including Rhône-esque varieties from rugged, wind-blasted scrub. Big, not brash, brimming with warmth, with Roman brick dust, garrigue heather, camembert, a teaspoon of single cream, oak spice, sweet, drying damson and a puff of cocoa powder.
'Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero...'
(Gather the day, there is nothing else beyond that...)