1 Aug 2007

Liquid Definition of Poised

I AM ALMOST overwhelmed by Pastrana, seriously striking, single vineyard Amontillado Viejo. Ageing whisky meets jade in appearance, with a racy, caramel bound cookie / treacle plantain nose with seamlessly integrated eau de toilette grade vanilla (U.S. oak).
Fine salt crystals dissolve on the suprisingly lightly (multi) textured, soft palate interwoven with roasted (but not burnt) flaked almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, dried apple crisps, dried figs and raisins. A spiced finale prevails. The liquid definition of poised. [£18.50, Laymont Shaw]
A lady came into Bedales and ordered Champagne to celebrate her purchase of a pair of Jimmy Choo's (shoes). Whilst setting up the tab, I noticed her AMEX was still steaming...