28 Aug 2007

Campain for Curves!

TONIGHT, A RENDEZ-VOUS with a splendid, rested, carefully made wine from Salento in Southern Italy - '98 Duca D'Aragona, single vineyard Negroamaro / Montepulciano. Ever so slightly tawny at the rim, this beautiful, leathery being suggests warm twigs, small mint leaves, as yet unstuffed courgette flowers, preened prize farmyard animal, antique draw innard fashioned from cedar, well-hung but quite bloody rump steak, peppered strawberry, marzipan and a minor, fleeting whiff of Epoisses de Bourgogne. On the palate, smooth, supple, somehow flaxen, ever so lightly salty, with good acidity (unobtrusive) and a Duracell finish. Not impatient, but eventually yielding Custard Cream biscuits.
In case readers ever wondered, I disregard about 20P/C of wines encountered from this 'web-log' (blog). Why? -Because they are unforgiveably bland; not even bad enough to warrant a critical mention!
I would like to start a campaign to bring back the curves of Verdicchio bottles.