13 Jul 2007

Why Draw the Drawbridge?

I AM back in London, having been pampered, perfectly, by my parents for the past week. I am feeling (and looking) better, though nearly narcoleptic...
Bacchus' nectar has aided recuperation, as has Arnica. I do not really know much about homeopathy, except: I). it has over two centuries of historical pedigree; and: II). most NHS Practitioners bracket it within the hocus-pocus category. My feeling, why draw the drawbridge?
In viticulture, Steiner supporters apply holistic homeopathic principles to cultivate 'honest' (but not automatically tasty) wines, as demonstrated by Savennières winemaker and biodynamics spokesperson and writer, Nicolas Joly. According to the Wine Doctor, esteemed Joly maintains 'a herd of rare Nantaise cattle' to produce prized manure for finely diluted application to vines. At a time when cows are under attack, these are proud bovines providing non-defunct defecation.
My parents took me to Buenos Aires Café, Blackheath [CLICK for previous post, then scroll] to help re-climatise me into London living, although this is an escapist eatery.
We effortlessly depleted two bottles of only about 15,000 of gently priced Rossell Boher NV Chardonnay/Pinot Noir from Mendoza, which it is incidentally not so financially eagerly accessible at the other Argentine, Gaucho Grill.
Ravishing, but angelic, lightly lemonly remniscent of Dom. Pierre Perignon, a lees-lounger but neither wheaty, nor weighty. A limited release. Like everything in life. The indigenous Yali bird can only express so many songs...