4 Jul 2007

Tyrian Purple

MEET Vino Nitra Cabernet Sauvignon '04 from mountaneous Slovakia, a wine producer since the 7th century.
Being quite fetishistic about straying off the well-worn wine route, I was pleased to see this bottle check-in, all tarted-up within provocative, glittering gift box, next to the basil in my kitchen...
Tyrian purple in colour with a soft, interesting but slightly subdued nose suggesting bitter, fermenting plums, the powerful palate came as a suprise. Rich, cedar-scented and vigorous - not unlike Italian Barbera, with functional acidity (more than your average Cabernet), light tannins, and a well-maintained balance of alcohol.
Readers who are interested by the frosty hangover of public opinion towards grape variety, Merlot (caused by ferment-film 'Sideways') may like to READ THE THOUGHTS of independent media watchdog, Simon Owens...
FURTHER LINK: Spectacular Slovakia