30 Jul 2007

Seven Year Itch

ABADIA RETUERTA'S Selección Especial MM, from vineyards in the 'Golden Mile' (Vega Sicilia, Pingus and Alion have plantings here) has a forceful personality. Still purple tinged after some seven years with fresh pressed blackcurrant juice, blueberry muffin notes and a palate suggestive of soft-centred milk chocolate raisined truffles liberated from a wooden box... Effortless value at £8.95 [a back vintage from Noel Young wines].
Also in the mise-en-scène above, How To Mow The Lawn, 'The Lost Art of Being a Man'. This MANual should be standard issue. It describes, eloquently, 'How to carve a roast', 'What to do if she faints' and 'Teaching a dog to fetch'. There is much common sense within these pages...

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