24 Jul 2007

In Vino Veritas

WINES FROM Saint-Véran make you tell the truth. I am not quite sure why this is the case. But it is, trust me. Try my theory out (but beware who with)...
This juvenille, not jalopy, '06 Domaine de Vignemont [£12.99, Bedales] from between the Mâconnais and Beaujolais, is satiably satay on the nose with a hint of petrochemicals. On the palate, pincer like acidity grasps, enthralls, then releases with a citrus and pine nut sigh. United, functional - with/and a good defintion.


Incidentally, I managed to accidentally shatter one of my (practically) unbreakable Mikasa glasses [CLICK for previous entry, then scroll]. No longer will I perform daring, overly gregarious "Cheers!" antics to frighten friends.


Good shirts delight me, especially pink ones. Here is the detail from my latest purchase.