15 Jul 2007

Largest Producers of Wine ['05]

I. France (5,329,449 tonnes/tons/tuns)
II. Italy (5,056,648)
III. Spain (3,934,140)
IV. U.S. (2,232,000)
V. Argentina (1,564,000)
VI. China (1,300,000)
VII. Australia (1,274,000)
VIII. South Africa (1,157,895)
IX. Germany (1,014,700)
X. Chile (788,551)
XI. Portugal (576,500)
XII. Romania (575,000)
Buy One Get One Free) is the UK wine industry’s drug of choice these days ... Do half-priced features violate the trust of the consumer? ... the message that is being perpetrated now is: There is NO reason to spend £7.99 on a bottle of wine, because it doesn’t taste any better than a £3.99 bottle.'
[Hugh MacLeod, Stormhoek]
I refute the nylon suited lemmings who have wipe-clean plastic portfolios of swill, and swell price point ambitions to peddle mass market crap...