22 Jul 2007

Wider Than Wine

I ADMIRE British wine journalist Jamie Goode's wider than wine perspective. In a recent web-log posting, he writes: '...it's important that when you blog, your readers aren't presented with a version of you that is sanitized and highly filtered ... I try not to write for effect - I write as I feel...'

I sent words in agreement, to which he responded: '...very sorry to hear about your horrible incident. The pictures on your blog are quite dramatic. I find it so hard to understand how people can behave like this. I think your blog has a real voice to it...'

I tasted an attractive white with a price tag tethered to reality, the sweetly titled 'Con Class' '05, from Cuevas de Castilla, Rueda, Spain [£8.99, Bedales]. This attractive blend of emergent Verdejo and sunny, sappy Sauvignon has smoked citrus, gooseberry and melted wax aromas. The palate has a notable texture: a pervasive silicon coating with some resin (though no flabbiness), pineapple, orange essence and a nutty bite. Precociously intrusive alcohol might present problems if drunk bereft of food.
I occasionally despair at lexical paucity. There are so few words to express beauty without actually saying beautiful...
Yesterday, on a bus, a young girl (4-5YRS) took one look at me and offered me some of her mother's tube of cream!