7 Jul 2007

'Health, Wealth and Self'

THE TITLE of this post was originally used for a proposal pitched to television commissioners during my flirtation with film. Peter, paradoxical 'Faction Fims' colleague and I went on a bathrobed recce to a Health Hydro to get a feel of the territory, only to be informed that media discretion in such places is paramount. The reason behind that location's oppugnance: a guest had the misfortune to be captured on camera within a local news item, only to then panic that she was hand-in-hand with par amour, rather than cuckold...
Anyway, I have taken the past couple of days to recuperate at another health 'resort', Champneys, Forest Mere, guest of my parents, who were already installed there. This is not a "just drink boiled water" purifying-prison, hence the tonicity of wine is realised. An ochre coloured, spiced cinammon, intricately integrated sawn wood (Slovenian oak) and Felino salami scented Ripasso style dulcet (re-fermented over Amarone off-cuts) cheered me up with its benevolent intelligence - Regalo Rosso '02 from Veronese fourth generation family producers, Sartori. Whilst hard to put a price on a wine of such plentous calibre, you can, and it is not excessive [£9.30, DrinkOn.com].
During my convalescence, I have been dipping into 'The New France', Francopile Andrew Jefford's genius opus. A beautful tome in every sense.
Jefford must be the Attenborough of wine. Both take a mature, impeccable and almost lyrical approach to their subject; though both also have the habit of lulling me to sleep.
Further Link: Salami