9 Jul 2007

Expensive Garden Water Feature

I SOMETIMES have cravings for Gavi di Gavi (so good they named it twice), product of the rarely curt Cortese sewn in lowland Piemonte.
This nervy specimen, 'La Minaia', from Nicola Bergaglio, is what I would term 'Gavi green', I.E. spitting slightly pétillant verdegris flecks.
With a quiet nose, the mineral palate is initially damp green hay redolent, similar to a biodynamic non-Petit Chablis. However this is far more widely expressive than your average Yonne-der, with expensive (but not overtly showy) garden water feature stones, smelly-steel and vegetable patch spinach...
Overall an almost aged Germanic Riesling (meeting sparky Albariño) edge predominates, albeit culminating with a soft, ever so slightly silty resolution... Addictive. Good with bivalve molluscs, like lime spiked whelks. Produced by the friend of a friend of a family member, you can track this down at Hic for £10.50.
'Douglas di Douglas'.
PS. I hope the thieving bastards who took my Clinton wine notes and wine book (amongst other items) find them eloquent. On that note, may I thank those kind souls who have written warm words following my 'Estate Bottling' a week ago. Stitches are out, nose does not require re-setting, and bruises are fading... My sense of smell is fine, although I appear, re-reading today's entry, to be recollecting odd sensations!