10 Jul 2007

Déjà Vécu?

'What is a man? A man is the network of all his genes; that's his 'possible'. Beyond that, though, a man is all he's learned. Every day he lived, he learned. He suffered; he became enthusiastic; he fell in love; he became disappointed.
'When I meet someone, what do I want? I want what he has lived (his vécu), his humanity; I don't want his genetic material.
'Why, when I taste a wine, do you want me to taste its genotype and not its vécu? A vin de terroir is how a wine communicates everything that it has learned beyond its genotype. And this apprenticeship is the cultivation of depth. Every day the vine descends, it learns something new, and that's what is manifested in the grapes.'
[Jean-Michel Deiss, Terroirist, Alsace]