27 Jun 2007

More Ice than Moonshine

I DID not derive satisfaction from Salt 'Whisky Bar', Edgware Road. Roll-on, roll-off 70's channel crossing ferry bar in appearance with too few tables, chairs so stupid and boxy that I wanted to throw them into the street, attrocious lighting, unrestrained LCD blathering screens and a strident wail of tinitus crafted by an absentee DJ. The 250+ whisky list is both expansive and expensive, as are the range of cocktails, although expect more ice than moonshine in this drivelous pothole where 'Happy Hour!' actually means paying full price on the bulk of the list plus mandatory service tax.
Apparently this venue changed hands a while back. Now no care. Just blare. Do not allow it to ensnare...
The relatively nearby Warrington pub, Little Venice, with boudoir interior and a competent wine list (including homegrown Chapel Down Bacchus from former world music label founder Owen Elias) was more comfortable, although my friends and I were given snooty glances for trespassing a very vivid quiz.
Worth a punt (just not for a pint) is the albeit incongrous E-Bar where sharp suited staff serve cocktails and tapas just a twist around the corner underneath one of my favourite hotels, the Colonnade Town House. This plain, glassy, funky lounge with a semi-circle of outdoor tables seems at odds with the Edwardian hotel, the carpet of which seems to have been chosen to camoflauge its resident (moody) kitty...
In the rooms, lavender wrapped scroll of Keats appear on your pillow...