25 Jun 2007

A Malodorous Funk

GOD'S TEARS were felt, pelting the hungry towards the end of Taste London, held in an increasingly swampy Regent's Park. I re-acquainted the public with 'Wines of Rioja', instructing them to 'Rethink' it. This alas took place overlooking flesh-baring, goosepimpled Hasselhoffian Lifeguards operating the cocktail bar opposite!
I did however meet a vodka representative who, having dotingly sampled her product, kissed celebrity Chef Anthony Worrall Thompson (for a dare). She reassuringly confirmed perceiving a malodorous funk of garlic, hare and hair. A rather more perky story than that of the albeit affable OAP who violently up-cascaded Rioja Rosé into our bin - before midday!
Pictured, a young lady from a coffee stand, aromas of which were discernible from our waterlogged pitch. I bartered published words about her coffee for a sample, which I have now achieved...
I am now exhausted, having spent the morning shivering in apron and wellies, scraping crates at Neal's Yard Dairy, Borough Market. My motivation: to gain insight into the cool runnings of a dairy
Concerning the proliferation of blogs, British wine writer Jamie Goode has put some interesting thoughts to paper (although the internet is a textureless medium). Read them HERE.