4 Jun 2007

Pinot Plying

ROMEO took Juliet to the sexiest of bars yesterday - 'OQO', off Islington Green, plying her with violet and cherry ash scented '01 Pommard and supple, discreetly structured, red berry heavy '04 Chassagne Montrachet (in very dark damask).
With a stylish, fluent lighting scheme and a 40 foot counter, the taught list of wines and cocktails are intended (incorrectly) to accompany cuisine centric on Asian tapas.
Incidentally, those feeling flush take note: this establishment has some of the funkiest loos in the capital.
Earlier in the day, my Japanese friend, Keiko, encouraged al-fresco D.I.Y. sushi cheffing.
My first attempts, although far from aesthetically poised, proved tasty morsels, doused in umami giving soy.
I salivated in public, having caught sight of Aurora's à la carte slate at the hip-top Great Eastern Hotel, Liverpool Street. Pan fried 'Label Rouge' Rabbit and Veal Sweatbread wrapped in Bayonne Ham were but two stable but enthralling meals that whet my appetite...