7 Jun 2007

Encore in its Finish

SUPERMARKET CALVADOS shouldn't taste this good. But Sainsbury's 'Taste The Difference' Pays d'Auge XO 12 year-old is about as reticent as a prize, precocious ballerina pumped full of authentic Thai Red Bull...
Toffee dessert apple aromas blend seamlessly into a cliffhanger palate: powerful, arrestingly then soothingly warm, sweet, giving, tongue-tip numbing and encore in its finish...
In my quest for improved prose performance, I have written to (Sir) Jamie Oliver's Sommelier at 15 [REVIEW]:

Dear Matt (Skinner),

I am an epicurious individual fervent on issuing intoxicating prose. I am writing to you because I like your non-cholestosaurus style.

You may be interested to know that I write a web-log focussing on tasting anything with an ABV and the circumstances encountered alongside. Please feel free to peruse:
http://www.thedailywine.co.uk/ (listed by Decanter online).

I was finalist for last year's Young Wine Writer (Websters), but now find myself at a crossroads. So please feel free to spill any words of wisdom. Or spit my request into the proverbial spittoon in the sky!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Douglas Blyde.

C.V. attached for further information. Extensive wine-related web site linked to below.

PS. Your assistant, yellow-shirted sommelier came into Vinopolis the other day. I entertained him with an intro. into the basics of tasting. You could call it 'Teaching Grandma to suck eggs', although having given in my resignation from London's Liquid Larder that morning, he perhaps got a rather more spicy rendition!