1 May 2007

BBQ Haut Cuisine

THE SUN SHINING, I took part in my first barbecue of the season, Chez friends Fernandez, for its fuel, wielding a chainsaw to a section of felled tree.
An apéritif Argentinian, the pear soft, mineral moist Cruz del Sur Torrontes '05 issued a coupling of orange peel and pineapple. Acurately assembled, beautifully balanced.
Being French, Robert allowed the coals to settle before slowly cooking Merguez sausages and long, lean kebabs; a fundamentally different approach to the near-requisite British cremation! Accompanying, tracing paper crisp, golden, chipped Fritelle di Zucchine [RECIPE] and Dijon vinaigrette licked salad leaves.
The allegedly "untameable" Scotch, Lagavulin Distillery Edition '89 defied its label description with great élan. Bailey's creamy in countenance, with understated peat, then treacle, milk chocolate, brine and a hint of tropical fruit, it worked warmly with filthy rich chocolate cake.
Pictured, the leaf diffused sun streaming through my pine-shuttered window. For better or worse, I predict climatically another '03 summer.