5 Apr 2007

Speeding Bullit

I SHOT TO the ground like a speeding bullet via the installation of the level five slide at the Tate Modern. A day before, I took another bullet, the creamy, mandarin orange scented Bullit Bourbon. This was accompanied by a shatter of dark chocolate - an enticing sweet/savoury match discovered by a colleague.
I am currently drinking a mug of Camp. Some people would say this is very appropriate. Seeking to harmonise matters politically, the Sikh pictured used to be shown serving the kilted Major (click to enlarge).

This is one of the products offered to homesick Californian expats via Buy British. From Baxter's to Bisto...


For those with eyes substantially larger than their tummies, I have discovered some of the most appetising food photography. Running With Tweezers is a blog by 'an Atlanta-based fashion stylist who has merged her two loves - art and food'.